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1 - A: What does your sister look like? B: ________________ .
 a) She’s Alexa
 b) She’s tall and slim
 c) She’s 20 years old
 d) Fine thanks, and you
 e) She’s an honest person
2 - We generally use a/an _______________ to eat meatballs.
 a) egg
 b) onion
 c) pan
 d) fork
 e) spoon
3 - That one is the most _______________pasta I have ever eaten, that’s why I couldn’t eat it all.
 a) slow
 b) cheap
 c) delicious
 d) good
 e) horrible
4 - I love traveling , _______________I don’t like flying.
 a) for a start
 b) finally
 c) however
 d) for example
 e) so that
5 - We had a holiday in Italy in winter _______________, so we decided not to go there at that time again.
 a) easily
 b) well
 c) immediately
 d) terribly
 e) recently
6 - Carla: How often do you use this fax machine in your office? Martin: Well, I_______________use it because of our busy times.
 a) hardly ever
 b) rarely
 c) always
 d) one a day
 e) never
7 - -A:_______________you ever_______________scuba diving with sharks? B: No ,I have_______________.
 a) Has/done/ever
 b) Have/done/never
 c) Have/slept/yet
 d) Has/done/recently
 e) Have/done/lately
8 - As a child ,I_______________swimming everyday in summers.
 a) used to going
 b) got used to go
 c) get used to going
 d) used to go
 e) was used to go
9 - The baseball game was_______________due to the pouring rain.
 a) keep off
 b) keep on
 c) put on
 d) put off
 e) turn on
10 - Colleen_______________for being so late.
 a) sighed
 b) tired
 c) explained
 d) apologized
 e) promised
11 - Fresh fruit is believed_______________beneficial to people’s health.
 a) was
 b) it is
 c) to have
 d) to be
 e) being
12 - Jack is_______________ ,because he lost his car’s keys.
 a) hanging out friends
 b) talking on the phone
 c) in a bad mood
 d) getting well
 e) having fun
13 - Each person’s fingerprints are_______________.
 a) extraordinary
 b) unusual
 c) damned
 d) remarkable
 e) unique
14 - If Tom_______________ that stolen car, he wouldn’t have been arrested now.
 a) bought
 b) was bought
 c) buys
 d) didn’t buy
 e) hadn’t bought
15 - _______________of the students thought the test was difficult .They all passed it.
 a) None
 b) Neither
 c) Every
 d) Both
 e) Either
16 - After the children _______________ for school, mom started cleaning the house .
 a) were leaving
 b) had left
 c) left
 d) had been leaving
 e) leaving
17 - Don’t tell anyone,but I_______________that Jean is leaving the company.
 a) overgeneralised
 b) overestimated
 c) overheard
 d) overturned
 e) overlooked
18 - Christine_______________overtime for a few days.
 a) will be worked
 b) will work
 c) will be working
 d) will have been working
 e) will have worked
19 - Indian tigers are at the risk of_______________because hunters keep killing them for their fur.
 a) expection
 b) exception
 c) exhaust
 d) exhibition
 e) extinction
20 - _______________the door.Paul found a small box on the doormat.
 a) Being opened
 b) Being opening
 c) Opening
 d) Have opened
 e) Opened